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Online purchases are not available. Please call into the show at 477-5626 to make your purchases between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and enjoy additional savings on some items. A complete list of inventory is listed on this page.

Personal Care

Gaia Soap Company
$20 Gift Card***DO NOT PRINT***

$20 gift card to be used at Gaia Soap Company. Located in beautiful & historic Nevada City, CA and get all the essentials to get clean, plus individual raw ingredients, essential oils, and other goodies at comfortable prices. Gaia sells almost everything in the shop by the ounce, so you only purchase as much as you need.

Limitation: No Cash Value No Change Given

Gaia Soap Company
104 Argall Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

Retail Price : $20.00
Buy It Now Price: $16.00

$25 Gift Certificate ***Do Not Print***

Local owners of Motor Electric introduce their new company ILU CBD, a line of Hemp Derived CBD Beauty and Wellness Products! ILU CBD, order online and pick up at Motor Electric 744 Maltman Drive Grass Valley, or see the full line and purchase at Motor Electric. ILU CBD – Hemp Derived CBD Products No Harsh Chemicals No Pesticides No Metals Gluten Free   Vegan Friendly 100% Organically Grown   Non-GMO US Hemp Less than 0.3% - THC free Industrial Hemp Registered Farm Bill Compliant

Limitation: No Cash Value No Change Given

744 Maltman Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945

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Retail Price : $25.00
Buy It Now Price: $19.00

Sierra Mind-Body Therapies
One Hour Herbal Medicine Assessment ($75.00 Value)***DO NOT PRINT***

Includes a complete medical history evaluation conducted with the client and a customized herbal medicine to take home. At Sierra Mind-Body Therapies, they employ powerful and proven techniques that go directly to the cause of what you're having difficulty with rather than just masking the symptoms.  These deep relaxation and visualization modalities were approved by the American Medical Association in 1958 as "useful techniques in the treatment of certain illnesses when employed by qualified personnel" and are widely used today to address a range of problem sets including PTSD, anxiety, addiction, and depression.  The advantage these therapies hold is that there is NEVER a requirement to relive past trauma or troubling events.  All sessions are conducted one-on-one in an atmosphere of peace and safety with the client being completely relaxed and at ease.  We provide 100% individually tailored, client-centered care to help you reach your desired goals and outcomes. The methods they employ at Sierra Mind-Body are all natural, side-effect free, completely positive in nature, and free of criticism, judgement, and negativity. The goal is to quickly, efficiently, and in a most healing manner help you address the difficulties you're having and move beyond them for a richer and more fulfilling life.

Sierra Mind-Body Therapies
101 Providence Mine Rd.
Nevada City, CA 95959

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Retail Price : $75.00
Buy It Now Price: $25.00

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