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Please call into the show at 477-5626 to make your purchases between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. and enjoy additional savings on some items. A complete list of inventory is listed on this page.


Scraps Dog Bakery
$25 Certificate

Scraps is much more than a dog bakery. We carry a complete line of DOG and CAT foods and accessories. Only the best quality makes it to SCRAPS. We have foods and supplements for every stage of life and special needs: · Puppy · Adult · Active or Working · Large Breed Adult or Puppy · Small Breeds · Senior · Allergy · Sensitive Stomachs Scraps supplies only those foods and supplements that promote a healthful whole body. No corn, wheat, soy or by-products are in any of our foods. All are naturally preserved. We also have fashionable collars, harnesses and leashes, comfy beds, toys, chewies and gifts. Of course we carry our scrumptious fresh baked yummy cookies, too! All from SCRAPS in-store bakery made with wholesome ingredients. We have it all!

Limitation: *One per caller *Can't be used with other coupons *Only one can be used per transaction

Scraps Dog Bakery
2034 Nevada City Highway
Grass Valley, 95945

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Retail Price : $25.00
Buy It Now Price: $12.50

Shinto's Pet Food
$30 Gift Certisicate

120 Joersche Drive Grass Valley 530-913-9318 Shinto’s pet food kitchen makes real food for dog or cat in small batches using fresh protein and local organic produce with no additives. Shintos pet food will strengthen your pets immune system and treat common ailments such as arthritis, tumors, bad breath, itchy skin, runny nose and eyes. Or online at Curbside pickup and delivery is available

Limitation: No Cash Value No Change Given

Shinto's Pet Food
120 Joersche Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945
707 - 228 - 8182

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Retail Price : $30.00
Buy It Now Price: $20.00

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