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Center For The Arts, The
One General Admission to "Bumper Jackson's" Concert March 20th ($25 value)**DO NOT PRINT**

Venue: Grass Valley Elks Lodge Like an old-time barn dance in downtown New Orleans, the Bumper Jacksons pull together a vast array of early American traditions into a deliciously cohesive sound that strikes you right in the heart. Country swing, old-time blues, brassed-up bluegrass – these high-spirit wonders do and love it all. Powerhouse vocals are flanked by a dexterous pedal steel and a brassalicious horn section, all supported by dynamic drums and bass. Hard-swinging grooves and roadhouse drinking songs are valleyed by delicate waltzes of loss and regret. At the center of it all, is an invitation to join in – be it a rowdy dance, a moment of soulful intimacy, or a movement to make a better world. The Bumper Jacksons have a steadily rising list of honors: Washington Area Music Awards Artist of the Year (2016), Best Folk Album (2014-2015), Best Folk Group (2014-2017); Strathmore Artists-in-Residence for 2015-2016; Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Touring Artists for 2016-2017 and others. This success blossomed from their simple beginnings in 2012 as a country-meets-city duet between Jess Eliot Myhre (clarinet, vocals, washboard) and Chris Ousley (acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, banjo) in the backyards, living rooms and front porches of DC and Baltimore. They crafted a sound built from their time exploring the smoky jazz clubs of New Orleans and old-time fiddler’s festivals throughout the southern Appalachians. From the beginning, they focused on honest deliveries and energetic performances. After Chris and Jess established the roots of the Bumper Jacksons’ sound, it quickly drew in the rest of the Bumper Jacksons members and matured into what you hear today. Dave Hadley (pedal steel), Alex Lacquement(upright bass, vocals), Dan Samuels (drum kit), and Joe Brotherton(trumpet) who masterfully amplify and diversify the tone, rhythm, and power that defines the band’s core sound. The success of the band’s last three albums – I’ve Never Met A Stranger(2017), Too Big World (2015) and Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy Come In(2014)- demonstrate the ongoing refinement of their scrappy-yet-elegant, familiar-yet-reaching sound that explores a full spectrum of human emotion in its goal for the caramel core of Americana. So whether it’s a packed house in a historic amphitheater or a fireside in the hills of the Appalachian mountains, the intimate ballads, growly blues, and fast-paced two-steps will call you into another world that’s at once like home and the open road. It’s a truly Americana sound that grabs at your soul and connects you with over 150 years of human passion.

Limitation: *No Cash Value

Center For The Arts, The
314 W. Main Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945

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Retail Price : $25.00
Buy It Now Price: $18.00


Come Paint with us presented by Foothills Event Center
One Paint & Wine Class for 4 ($140) presented by Foothills Event Center ***DO NOT PRINT***

Book a private painting party, corporate event or team-building session at the Foothills Event Center. Our painting & wine program Come Paint With Us offers a perfect setting for a pleasant get-together with family, friends or colleagues. Painting parties are fun and make the time spent together even richer! Being creative opens conversations, builds friendships, and deepens connections in a fun-generating atmosphere. Our experienced instructors are here not only to give you simple steps to follow, they also encourage you and work with you individually to make sure you are having a good time. Good wine and fine finger foods can be served per your request or your party can be catered. All Amenities Available to Serve Your Private Painting Party You can use our prep kitchen and our historical bar to serve your guests. We provide a sound surround system to play your favorite music. When you host your private painting party at the Foothills Event Center you can choose a painting from our gallery, select a brand-new composition, or let our experienced art instructors help you find the best work of art for your group. No experience is necessary to enjoy a painting & wine class or private painting party. Everyone is welcome to create a vibrant painting simply by following step-by-step instructions. Every participant walks away with a sense of accomplishment and an art piece to be proud of! We also offer weekly painting & wine classes at the Foothills. Check out our calendar here. We can’t wait for you and your friends to Come Paint With Us! 

Come Paint with us presented by Foothills Event Center
400 Idaho Maryland Rd
Grass Valley, CA 95945

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Retail Price : $140.00
Buy It Now Price: $75.00

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